Media Relations
We understand what the media wants and journalists trust the information we provide. We’ve cultivated relationships with local, regional and national media that allows our clients’ story to be told and stand out from others.


Public programing helps bridge an organization and the community it serves. Fanfare takes an active role in creating programming that attracts your targeted supporter base and reinforces your organizational mission or vision. We strive to help you act as a change agent in your community.

Public Affairs

We help our clients build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders while influencing policy. Our clients are leaders in their community and industries seeking interactions for best practice building to the general community benefit.  Fanfare works to increase the favorable view of our clients in the public view while assuring the perception is grounded in social responsibility.


Every organization and business is looking to attract supporters or customers. Fanfare works with our clients to create avenues to usher in donors, volunteers and customers.